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Aldor is the kingdom in which Stoneshard takes place, a formerly prosperous and powerful kingdom.

Half a century before the events of the game, Aldor waged a war against the elven Jade Kingdoms. This aggression was repelled by the elves who in turn invaded Aldor. The kingdom was swept by a wave of bloodsheds. Making his last stand, the Last King revived many fallen warriors to act as his last line of defense. However this terrifying blasphemy was doomed to failure and the Last King was soon vanquished leaving behind him a terrible legacy. The disappearance of the Last King signed the end of this horrific part of Aldor's history which the historians aptly named the War of the Fallen.

In the aftermath of the war and following the fall of the monarchy no one was left at the reign of the kingdom. After the Jade Kingdoms armies left all matters of pretenders sought to ascend to the throne. This was the start of a decade long civil war, the Discord. Only the Grand Magistrate, an alliance of well-off merchant families, tired of hatred and violence, was capable of stopping that bloodshed.

Still, years of conflicts left Aldor ravaged. The Grand Magistrate slowly lost its role as its members parted ways. The already tenuous peace of the kingdom was stretched thin. This fragile balance was shattered when the Last King suddenly returned. The great orc migration and another political race added fuel to the fire of war. In a blink of an eye the whole Aldor was split into zones, influenced by rivaling faction.[1]

This is where the story of Stoneshard begins...