Swords Treatise III

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Swords Treatise III
Written by Myrwan vir Debur
"Aldwynnian Codex of Fencing"

Allows you to learn the following sword abilities:

The most descriptive manual on fencing and everything related to it. Myrwan vir Debur undoubtedly has hands-on experience with the subject in question.

Swords Treatise III

Description[edit | edit source]

Aldwynnian Codex of Fencing

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An excerpt from the 7th chapter titled "The art of defense in a duel":

The stance which I call "supporting stance" will help you out in a duel if you are forced to act defensively. For instance when your opponent has a strength, speed or maneuverability advantage.

For starters, pay close attention to your posture and footwork. If you need to parry a strike from the left side, shift your right leg forward, bending it slightly in the knee. The other leg should firmly remain in the original position. For this stance to work properly, you need to learn how to maintain balance in this position.

Then you need to stretch your arms forward, point of the blade aiming downwards. Your wrists should be slightly below your eye level, the leading hand's thumb pointed at the ground.

In this stance you should be able to easily deflect strikes from every direction. Don't be afraid to perform a counter if you spot an opportunity and remember - a persistent attacker, sooner or later, will get through your passive defenses.

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